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Stem boats are characterized by D-section fenders

floating platform
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This confers to the craft a series of advantages:
  • Reserve of buoyancy
  • Impact-prevention function equivalent to full fender systems;
  • Improved crew safety with the adoption of stainless steel handrails on the rigid side's edge;
  • Wider available space and excellent deck layout.

The fenders can be supplied in two versions:
  • Pneumatic, made of highly resistant Hypalon®-Neoprene 1670 dtex glued around the hull by a professional staff using cold double gluing. Each fender section is equipped with an inflation valve and the external perimeter is protected from abrasion by a double EPDM band.
  • Foam filled, manufactured from high energy absorbing resilient closed cell polyethylene foam, encapsulated within a high performance polyurethane elastomer skin. The elastomer skin keeps the cohesion between the foam parts and grants to the product exceptional resistance to shocks and weather degradation.